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I will be voting for Will Bratcher in the upcoming April election, and I suggest you do as well.

Clark County needs a Judge who has worked with, and understands what we face everyday, and will bring that understanding to the bench. Yes, he has to enforce the law, and punish those who need it, but he must also temper those decisions with the justice and fairness he embraced practicing law in Thorp for over 12 years.

Will chose to move to Clark County to represent and advocate for its citizens. He has done that very well; including representing the young and the old, children who had been abused or were stuck in the middle of a divorce, and seniors who may not be as able as they once were.

I know Will has faced professional and personal tests in his life. He has taken on those challenges, worked through them, and become a better person for it. He understands we all are tested from time to time, and will bring his experience and wisdom to matters before him, challenging those who have made mistakes to learn from them and become a better person for it, and encouraging those going through a difficult time.

His experience as a guardian ad litem (attorney appointed to represent the best interests of someone who can’t represent themselves), enables him to bring the child’s point of view to Divorce Court, knowing that both parents are responsible for the support and welfare of their children, which must come first! Parents who put the needs and welfare of their children first should expect a caring and compassionate judge, and I know that Will fits the bill.

I am happy to endorse Will Bratcher for Clark County Judge. His commitment and well-rounded experience in the law and in life are the qualities that uniquely qualify him as the best choice this April.

– Atty. Charles (Chuttie) Senn, Thorp

Dear Fellow Clark County Residents:

I would like to express my support for Will Bratcher for the Next Clark County Judge. My Name is Deanne Wells, I am from Withee, WI. I own the Withee Bp/ A&W, Spencer A&W, Altoona A&W, and farm in Clark County. I have known Will for over ten years. He has been my personal and business attorney. Will has set up my businesses in all the required documents needed for my businesses to succeed. Will has an amazing work ethic, he strives to be very professional and knowledgeable in many areas. He is very prompt to be able to help out with any situation I have encountered in my many business adventures.

Will will be a huge asset to the judicial system in Clark County. Will can handle situations with integrity and class. Will is fair and will represent Clark County residents with excellence. Thank you, Will, for taking this huge step to change your career path for the citizens of Clark County.

– Sincerely,  Deanne Wells

Raised in Clark County, I returned to this area after obtaining my education because I knew how important it was to me to raise my family in this county.  I’m a mental health professional who works with a multitude of populations in this county including all ages, probation/parole, mental health, and addictions.  I have worked with Will on both a professional and personal level for various things including custody/placement, family court, and vulnerable disabled children and adults. 

I personally have had many friends and family that found themselves needing representation, and I recommended them to Will every time.  Based on my experiences with Will, the best attribute about him is that he always follows through on what he promises he will do.  While the rest of us seem to struggle to find enough time in the day, Will gets things done at an unbelievable rate and works tirelessly to surpass expectations for every case.  He is very compassionate and helped ease the anxieties that clients had prior to going into court by spending quite a bit of time in preparation, practice, and proactive planning so they felt supported and represented by the best.  He not only has extensive knowledge of law and policy, but his experience as a guardian ad litem for children and vulnerable adults means he is very well-versed in mental health, substance abuse, child abuse, placements, and disabilities. His commitment, motivation, integrity, work ethic, and perseverance are just some of the reasons why he’s been so successful in the court room and why he will make an excellent judge for Clark County. 

-Skye Goode

I am voting for Will Bratcher for the Clark County Judge Branch 2 in April 2023. Will is responsible, reliable, intelligent, and committed to public service. He has several years of experience working as an attorney for citizens of Clark County. It is extremely important that the residents of Clark County understand the need for a second judge. I think it’s also important to have diversity in the two judge positions. With all due respect to the current judge and Will’s opponent, in my opinion, a husband and wife should not be the two judges in Clark County. Join me in voting for Will Bratcher on April 4th, 2023 for Clark County Judge Branch 2!

– Crystal Rueth

My name is Geoff Smith, and I am the pastor at Missionary Baptist Church in Greenwood, WI. I first met Will through some school interactions several years ago. His family has helped with our community’s food pantry located at my church in the past. I have enjoyed getting to know Will on a personal level. He has always seemed very level-headed, well-spoken, and thoughtful. Currently, we are both involved in the Loyal Music Boosters program at Loyal High School. As we discussed different ideas on the boosters committee he is more than happy to share ideas and listen to others as we discuss fundraisers, trips, and other opportunities. Our committee appreciated when he helped ensure that the Music Boosters had the correct license from the state for the raffles that we sponsor.

I think Will would be a great Clark County Judge because he is willing to listen to all sides, seems knowledgeable of the law, is conservative on the issues that I have ever heard him talk about, and really does care about people and issues affecting them. This isn’t just a job for him or an opportunity to level up in his career, but this is a way to serve people in our local community in a real and meaningful way.

– Geoff Smith

“We are voting for Will because he has a true passion for helping others. He is very knowledgeable and has superb communication skills. He listens to the whole story and hears your concerns while showing you respect. He has proven to us that he is very easy to work with and gets to a positive resolution in a very timely manner.”


– Todd and Amy Borchardt, Spencer


“After the passing of my significant other, in 2018, I needed an attorney to guide me through the probate process. A friend of mine gave me Will’s business card and said he was the best.  I met with Will, and he explained the state’s probate laws to me and the laws did not seem to favor my situation, as we were never married.

There was a Last Will and Testament prepared leaving everything to me, but was never signed, making it invalid. But, there was also a handwritten letter of his wishes that all his belongings go to me, which he wrote and left for me right before he died.

My significant other’s estranged daughter filed for ownership of his Estate. I decided to fight because I was at risk of losing my home. Through the court process, Will kept me fully informed on all aspects of communication and the appearances I would have to make.

He also prepped me on what the other attorney was going to do and/or comments he would make. Will worked tirelessly for me. His research of past rulings and laws were spot on. He respected my end goal and my values of preserving the Estate. Will stood by me from the Circuit Court, through the Appellate Court, to the Supreme Court. He did not waiver or lose focus on my end goal.

After 2.5 years through the courts, ALL was ruled in my favor, and I was awarded the entire Estate, and in the process setting a precedent in the state of Wisconsin. Without Will by my constant side, I would have lost my home.  I appreciate Will’s fortitude, as he has seen the good, the bad and the ugly throughout this whole process.

Will is the best choice for Clark County Judge in my opinion, as he views the laws for the situation before him, to apply them in fairness and due process. He will be unbiased in his decisions which is a solid basis for true justice.”


– Lynne Stouff, Boyd

“Let me tell you about Will Bratcher, candidate for Clark County Judge Branch 2. Will Bratcher is a friend of mine, and I feel blessed to have known him for many years.  Will has had nothing handed to him – he has gained the trust of families, business owners, and community members across Clark County and beyond through his tireless work ethic, kindness, humor, and straightforward honesty. Will is passionate about helping people the right way – always keeping their best interest in mind.

Will is extremely intelligent – but he never holds it over anyone’s head. Will Bratcher will not judge you by the clothes you wear, what your last name is, or what job you have – He will treat you with respect and dignity in his courtroom. Join me in voting for the best choice for Clark County Branch 2 – Vote Will Bratcher for Judge on April 4th!”

– Lynn Follen, Loyal


“I am voting for Will Bratcher because he understands what it means to own and operate a small business. As our attorney over the years, Will has always been timely and thorough in his communication – always keeping us updated. Will respects the families, businesses, and farmers of Clark County. Join me in voting Will Bratcher for Judge!”

– Kaila Fitzl, 4th Grade Teacher Loyal School District and owner, Loyal Oil Co. LLC

“I am a care provider and reside in Clark County. I first met Attorney William Bratcher in 2014 when he was appointed Guardian ad Litem for the foster children I provide care for.

In the courtroom I have witnessed Attorney Bratcher display and maintain complete professionalism with each case he was involved in.

I believe Mr. Bratcher to be very passionate about the Law. Based on my experience with Attorney Bratcher on personal legal matters, I found him to be most ethical, respectful, and he really took the time to understand my needs.

Mr. Bratcher’s character speaks for itself. He is an honest man of integrity, with  genuine compassion for others, which is a much-needed quality for one whom would be placed as a Ruling Judge.

The scales must be properly balanced with passion for the Law as well as compassion for others; Therefore, I believe William Bratcher, Attorney at Law, is the best choice for Judge.”

– N.M., Neillsville


“I would like to tell everyone why I am supporting Will Bratcher for judge in Clark Co. I have had several dealings with Will, both business and private, and Will has always done a very thorough job for me.  He is calm, he listens to what I have to say and is always well mannered. Will has always had time to work things in for me whenever I needed his services. I think Will would be a very good Judge because he is patient, fair, and open-minded.”

–  Phil Haas, owner of Haas Sons Properties and retired owner of Haas Sons Inc., Thorp

“I am voting for Will Bratcher because he is a wonderful asset to our community with his willingness to help others. He is kind, understanding, and trustworthy! I know when Will enters that courtroom, he will see all sides and be ready for whatever comes his way. He is well educated, has years of experience being an attorney, and has a great heart! VOTE FOR WILL BRATCHER!”

– Justina Nikolai, Loyal

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Vote Will Bratcher for Judge

Supporters & Endorsements

I have the support of many current and former Clark County attorneys, business leaders, and community members. The below is merely a sample:


  • – Chuttie Senn, Senn Law Office/FEMA
  • – Bruce Sautebin, Sautebin Law Office (ret.)

Business/community leaders:

  • – Phil Haas of Haas Sons, Inc.
  • – Ken Stauffer of Premier Livestock and Auctions LLC
  • – Norm Spooner of Spooner Mills of Thorp, Inc.
  • – Jason Reis of Reis & Reis CPAs and Advisors
  • – Wayne Dallman of Dallman Insurance Agency, LLC
  • – Gregg Turenne of Turenne Livestock Market LLC
  • – Jeff Flashinski of Flash Farming LLC and Flash Grain LLC
  • – Trevor Wuethrich of Grassland Dairy Products
  • – Jesse Zepplin of Thorcraft Custom Kitchens LLC
  • – Brad Mathison of Mathison Realty and Services LLC
  • – Dean Bogdonovich of Tieman Realty, Inc.
  • – Kyle and Kaila Fitzl of Loyal Oil Co. LLC
  • – Mike Luzinski of L&L Custom Exteriors and Construction, LLC
  • – Dr. Ryan Beloungy of Cardinal Family Eye Care, LLC
  • – Adam Smit of Adam Smit Investment Management LLC
  • – Fred Schindler, Mitch Schindler, Ben Vance, and Scott Weber of Marawood Construction Services, Inc.
  • – Ben and Amy Lindner of Tendershoots Gardens and Greenhouse
  • – Dee Wells of Withee Mobil Mart and A&W
  • – David Simenson of Midnight Auto, Truck, & Trailer LLC
  • – Jim and Renee Hallin of Cherry Drywall, LLC
  • – Rod and April Deegan of Badger State Web Services

…and many more!

My supporters come from all across the political spectrum, from all walks of life, and from just about any occupation you could think of.

Will Speaking with Wisconsin State Senator Jesse James

Jesse James